Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Treat VIII:8

Alright, folks. I am now descending into the pit and depths of perversion and depravity, and I'll be turning myself into the authorities later on! But, I take comfort in knowing I'm not the only one. Let me explain.

I found a bunch of pix of this very-inappropriately-sexy Frenchie. Really fucking nice. Too nice. I happened to be with my wife and I showed them to her, including this one. Then I told her the age. This little thing was born April 5, 2001. Do the math! During the week when I was listing 11-year-olds, she didn't even qualify for the list! I told my wife, "you know what? I really don't care how old this girl is. I want to fuck her!" She took a quick look at her pix and said, "you know, if it were legal, I'd join you." How fucking hot is that?!

I want to fuck Thylane Blondeau today.


  1. Perfection.
    Thank you for a great find.

  2. Never express guilt. They are sexy and perfect!

  3. I'm right there with you, bud.

  4. So she's 10 years old? Well that just makes her a perfect 10 in more ways than one. :-)

    I'd love to fuck her. Imagine pushing your cock inside her perfect little body, squirting your load inside her smooth, tight pussy! Damn, I get rock hard just thinking about it.

    And that mouth! I'd love those lips around my cock!