Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Treat VIII:7

OK, one more web model. Just one; I promise!

This one always threw me for a loop. She's obviously very young here, maybe 11 or 12, possibly 13. She's not even very pretty, and could use a little orthodontia. But I don't think I've ever seen a webmodel really seeming to enjoy it as much as she does. And she's got such a "fuck me" look on her, it's a serious turn-on. She's exactly what Humbert Humbert meant as a "nymphet." (Look it up!)

I want to fuck Bobbie Model today.


  1. You do need to check out Rosmeri...a really top class model, and now apparently acts in some Venezuelan soap opera for girls: http://forum.onlyhot.net/extensions/hcs_image_uploader/uploads/0/7000/7393/p160cdsns41liq1o5b1fj0167a1sp71.jpg

  2. Bobbie, is a little sex pot and she knows what she wants.She is not a bad looking little lady,but i will do her any day...That's all said and done!

    1. little sex pot is a good description. she's cute as heck