Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Treat IV:1

Preface: This is a FANTASY post. I have no intention or desire to put the following into action ever!

OK. This week will either cause my readership to go down with disgust, or up with arousal, and I'm not really sure which way I'd like it to go.

I had absolutely no plans to go this low during my bday wishes, but I was dared to by a friend. Yes, I have only one friend who knows about this blog, and he's one of the biggest horndogs I've ever met in my life. Fucking perv beyond belief. Anyway, he asked me what the absolute lowest age I ever saw a hot girl, and I had to admit the rare possibility of 11 years old. Very rare. If you don't believe me, just ask any sixth-grade teacher you know!

So where in this great country can we find a great supply of what is normally "rare?" Show biz, of course. So my friend dared me to pick five I thought were, only in the fantasy-sense, fuckable. So, I actually relented, gave it a try, and forced myself to look at 11-year-olds, and allowed myself to think about them sexually. Disturbingly, it wasn't that hard.

Now, 11 is under well under the age of consent all over the world, except in some sick countries where it's legal to marry girls as young as 8, but that doesn't stop Hollywood from trying to make them as sexy as possible. And they've succeeded. I actually found ten ultra-jailbait celebs that fit. The first of the top five I am picking is here.

A young actress-model way too cute for her age.

I want to fuck Avalon Robbins today.