Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday Treat IV: Illegal and Illicit Incest

Preface: This is a FANTASY post. I have no intention or desire to put the following into action ever!

Now for the most extreme bday wish. Yesterday, I wanted to fuck my jailbait cousins with my uncles, their dads. That's incest, but not close enough. It's actually legal in some states, aside from the age. (I'm talking about me, not their dads.) I've always loved incest porn, even though I have no sisters and can't imaging my mom. (Yuk.)

I am the youngest of three brothers. The other two are Steve 36 and Jason 39. And no, I don't want to fuck them! (I have no homosexual leanings at all.) They have five kids in all; they both married a little on the young side and started having kids right way. Fucking hillbillies! Steve has two daughters, Jason has two sons, Tyler 18 and Zack 16 years old, and one daughter. I think you can guess where this is going, so if you really like twisted sexual ideas, keep reading. I'm pulling out all the stops for this one. Take a look at my nieces:

Here is the daughter of Jason:

NICOLE, 15 years old:


And here are the two daughters of Steve:

BRITTANY, 13 years old:


ALEXIS, 12 years old:


Cute little things. It's hard to tell if they're virgins or not, especially since I have little personal contact with them. Nicole is adorably innocent, though I know a lot of guys just LOVE her. Not sure if she does anything with them though. Brittany's got a little wild streak going there, possibly a little lesbianism as well, but Alexis looks absolutely virginal and very cute.

Now, thanks to Bella Thorne and the idea of seeing 12-year-olds as fuckable, here's my extensive sick 4th wish for my bday. We are in Mexico, where this is legal.

I want to fuck my 15-year-old niece Nicole today.
I want to fuck my 13-year old niece Brittany today.
I want to repeatedly fuck my 12-year-old niece Alexis today.
I want them to fuck each other today.
I want my brothers Jason and Steve to fuck their daughters and nieces today.
I want my nephews Tyler and Zack to fuck their sister and cousins today.
I want to fuck my 15-year-old niece Nicole, my 13-year old niece Brittany and my 12-year-old niece Alexis with my brothers and nephews today.
Then I want a five-guy, three-girl incestuous, jailbait orgy today.