Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Treat II:1

After my bday wish on Friday, I got to checking out her younger sister some more. Now, for my bday wishes I was initially going to hit on the 16-year-olds next. As great as they are, after a little time on-line, I decided what I really want this week.

I first realized the near-perfection of 13-year-olds sometime in 11th grade. That rare mix of the very beginning of near-perfect bodies, with that near-certainty of virginity. When I was 13, I liked the 13s. When I was 14, I still liked the 13s. By 17, I realized I was not unliking the 13s very much at all. In fact, I saw the young ripe bodies of some 8th grade sisters of friends as quite sexy, (which did NOT make my friends very happy, if I happened to tell them, which wasn't often.) As I've aged, my taste in the 13s has diminished, but by no means has disappeared.

So, this week, I'm going to pretend I'm in Spain, where the age of consent is actually 13! (If I can believe the any of the shit I read online!) And I'm going to pretend the following five celebs are there as well.

This one was still an impossible-to-touch 12-year-old until nine days ago. (Her bday was the 9th of this month.) Now she's technically another year older, and even more desirable.

I want to fuck Elle Fanning again today.


  1. Oh wow...she was born April 1998...thats around the time i started my current job lol. Is it that they grow up so fast, or am i getting old:)

  2. Yeah, I want to fuck that 13 year old, too. Also Chloe Moretz.