Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Real Real Bait

Okay. This isn't fucking fair. I try to do my best not gazing at the young ones. I try to keep myself from becoming aroused at the illegal ones. But I'm only human. You might know that I'm pretty turned on by Dakota Fanning who, though 17, which is legal in my state, is considered bait. You also may have seen my Jailbait Alert for her little sister last April when she turned 12. Well, I'm beginning to crack over her pics like this one. Another fucking 12-year old! What the fuck is wrong with me? What's worse, is I think this pic is at least a year old! But I could be wrong. Anyway, I look at this pic, and pretend with all my effort that she's 18.

I want to fuck Elle Fanning today.

1 comment:

  1. The media has oversexed how these girls are presented. They ate being presented to sexually arouse us. Why I do not know but but she is dipicted in very sexually manner making it morally hard not to get illicit thoughts about them.