Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Barely Bait X

This fucking hot one gets closer and closer to 18 everyday. (Actually, that's a silly thing to say. Everyone under 18 gets closer and closer to 18 everyday!) Anyway, today is her 17th bday, and since that's legal in my state and 37 others, I really, really want the following.

I want to fuck Dakota Fanning again today.


  1. I bet if a poll was taken, "Who's cherry would you most want to pop?", I bet Dakota would win in a landslide. Could you imagine popping Dakota's cherry? WOW!

  2. That's if she still has a cherry! What do you think the odds of that are in Hollywood?

  3. She's the cherry I would want. I've jerked-off many a time thinking about it.